Monday, April 2, 2012

NB 110 Update

I am really enjoying my NB 110s and they are probably my all-time favorite shoe at this point. I typically run all of my road miles barefoot but I am actually not that fond of barefoot trail running. I had a pair of NB 101s that worked okay for me and I have put about 1,000 miles on them. They were on the narrow side and I had to apply a few well placed band aids on runs over 8 miles in order to keep blisters on my toes at bay.

I have only managed about 140 miles in my size 14 2E 110s but have not gotten a single blister. I know some people complain about the 4 mm drop on these but I really don’t notice it, even when I have run them out on the street. I guess I am just not that sophisticated of a barefoot runner.

My only complaint up to this point is that there are a couple of spots where the fabric is wearing through. The construction on the 101 seems to have been more solid in this area than it is on the 110.

I’ve got about 80 miles on these in muddy race conditions and they have performed great but they do tend to fill up with rocks and sand but I am guessing any shoe will when you are running through ankle deep mud.

Oh, and no blisters. But they do clean up nice.

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