Thursday, April 26, 2012

16 miles and Tired

This hasn't been the greatest week of running and in fact it has been pretty crappy.  Well, I guess it hasn't been so bad as the running itself has been fine but my schedule has been pretty crazy.  I have been very tired (or lazy but who is counting) this week and have not been hitting any legit morning workouts.  However, I did manage to get going this morning but now the wife is sick and I am on kid duty.  Luckily we had swimming lessons this afternoon and everyone is exhausted and already in bed.

Monday - 30 min stairs

Tuesday - AM - 30 min stairs, PM - 6 miles

Wednesday - Gym and 4 miles

Thursday - 6 miles

I will try to get in some decent miles over the weekend and my schedule should allow for a few big days early next week.

I am only slightly better at fishing than I am at running!

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