Thursday, April 5, 2012

Intro to Speed

4.5.12 - 6 miles AM, 4.5 miles PM Speedwork, NB 110

I have never really done traditional speedwork. I have done intervals on the trail but have never gone out to the track and done structured speedwork. When I say that I am not a real runner, well, I mean that I am not a real runner. I am not one of those "oh, I'm not a real runner" types that ran college track and can do a sub 3:00 marathon without thinking about it.

So this afternoon the kids and I headed over to a local track (about 2 miles away and I will probably jog over when I don't have the kids with me) for a bit of running. I brought a bag full of balls for them to kick and throw around but they mostly just ran or pretended to be my crew and get my water for me and what not. I did a 1 mile warmup and then 4X800 w/ 400 recovery and then .5 mile cool down. I am going to stick with the once a week speedwork for a couple of months and see how things go.

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