Wednesday, April 4, 2012

This Really Aggravates Me to No End!

Maybe it shouldn't but it does. Maybe Anton has turned down expert medical attention. Regardless, this does really aggravate me:

Early in the afternoon I'm sitting in the hotel lobby, idly ultrasounding my gimpy shin,

How many other athletes that rank as one of the best in their sport do self treatment after fighting an injury for months? Could you imagine a star NFL WR having to self treat an injury? What about the starting shortstop for the Yankees? Maybe Anton has been offered to be flown around the country and treated by the best of the best and turned it down... but I find that hard to imagine. It is just very frustrating to see the lack of support for the top American ultra runners.

I guess the reality is that ultra running is still a fringe sport that doesn't command much attention in the way of sponsors. However, I think this is starting to slowly change with TNF Endurance Challenge and Championship and Run Rabbit Run 100 (man I really want to do that race one day! Steamboat is just about my favorite place on earth).

Anyway, here is to Anton getting over that shin injury and mad money coming to ultra running, you know, without ultra running selling out!

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