Friday, April 20, 2012

Consistency and Volume

One common theme among the top runners at the 50 mile and up distances seems to be consistency and volume. That makes perfect sense and really shouldn’t be a revelation of any significance. First there was the Summer of George and now there will be the Summer of Consistency and Volume. I don’t think that this will make me a top runner but I feel like this is the path to take to try and finish closer to the front. Consistency and volume plus losing another 20ish pounds and I should be golden.

And I promptly kick off the Summer of Consistency and Volume by tweaking my hamstring while doing some goblet squats… good thing this is only the spring. I did manage to maintain consistency this week but have not been pushing the volume because of the hammy.

4.18.12 - 30 min stairs plus lifting (goblet squat day...)

4.19.12 - 4 miles (no speedwork b/c of tight hamstring)

4.20.12 - AM - 30 min stairs, PM - 6 miles (hamstring feeling almost normal)

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