Monday, April 9, 2012

Week Ending 4.8.12

Monday - 11 miles, Rowlett Creek Prserve, NB MT110

Tuesday - Gym

Wednesday - 30 min stairs

Thursday - AM - 6 miles, PM - 4.5 miles speedwork (1 mile warmup, 4x800 w/ 400 rec, .5 mile cool down)

Friday - 30 mins stairs

Saturday - 6 miles

Sunday - 4 miles

Target - 30 miles
Actual - 31.5 plus 1 hour stairs

I wasn't really aiming for anything this week other than to ease back into running. I know that there will be plenty of high mileage weeks to come this summer and am just kind of enjoying some easy running right now. I will bump things up slowly over the next few weeks before starting to buckle down on Cactus Rose training.

4.9.12 - AM - Gym, PM - 4 Miles


  1. So are the stairs supposed to get you ready for the elevation at CR?

    1. That is the thinking. There just are not any trails around here that can simulate the constant up and down of that course.