Thursday, May 3, 2012

Week Ending 4.29.12

Well this week pretty much went off in the ditch from here on with only 30 min of stairs on Friday. Obviously I would have liked to have run more than 16 miles but I am not overly concerned with the lack of mileage at this point.  I told myself that I was basically going to take a "break" and just run whatever felt good until I started seriously training for Cactus Rose 100.  Running zero miles, sleeping late, and taking naps is what felt good this weekend.

I started a new diet and have been doing P90x and that combo has most certainly resulted in my overall lack of energy.  I have been really impressed with the diet after only two weeks and will stick with that for a while but will most likely scrap the P90x here shortly.  I think weight / circuit training is a vital part of any workout regime, even an ultra running training regime.  I am going to take a bit of what I like from P90x, CrossFit and a few other things that I like and do a full body workout twice a week from here on out.  I will then drop that to one day a week or even shelf it when the mileage gets high in August and September.

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