Saturday, May 5, 2012

Things That Suck #2

# 2 because this was first. Not that there was any planned order to these post.

It is simple.  Recycle or use a garbage can.  That simple.

Picture Taken on Local Trail by This Blog

Litter burns me up to no end, but regardless of my opinion on it, the senseless destruction of our planet goes on unabated.  We have a few billion years left to finish destroying this place before the sun does it for us.

Super Moon? Gets a Frank in my book

Oh yeah, I've gotten in 50 miles this week and will probably add another 6 - 8 tomorrow to wrap up things.


  1. Who cares? We will all be dead. Or a solar flare will get us ahead of time. Or we can just go on a cruise in space forever! No, I totally agree with you. I have not idea what that Frank guy is supposed to be though.

    1. Frank is from the Kayak commercial!