Thursday, May 3, 2012

Austin, TX - A Rerun

I made a return trip to Austin, TX the official minimalist running mecca of the world according to this blog. I really wanted to get out to the Hill Country State Natural Area and run the Cactus Rose 100 course but my schedule was really tight and I was limited to running in the evenings and mornings on the trails in downtown.  I managed to grind out 35 miles over two days and the legs responded nicely but then I got in zero yesterday because of my schedule, travel, and the fact that I was greeted home by a vomiting son.  The little guy seems to being doing better today but I will skip my Thursday speedwork, since I usually bring him and the daughter out to the track with me.  I will get in some miles tonight and might do my speedwork on Saturday morning in lieu of a long run and then I will officially start into my Cactus Rose training plan next week.

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