Thursday, May 17, 2012


I typically weigh-in at the gym on Mondays and only on Mondays.  Our weight fluctuates from day-to-day and during the day, so there really is no good reason to weigh-in everyday.  Well anyway, I weighed myself before my run this morning and tipped the scales at 199.5.  I have not been below 200 since probably way back in high school.  I got down as low as 201 in grad school right before getting married.  I was working two jobs, taking 15 hours in grad school (ha! take that counselor - I got a good tongue lashing about how you should only take 9-12 hrs in grad school before the next semester), and trying to help plan a wedding.  Then from that point it was a slow steady climb until I topped out around 240 a couple of years ago.

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