Saturday, March 31, 2012

Getting Serious about Getting Serious

Not really, but it sounds like a good plan for someone who wanted to get serious. I will get back to running this weekend and plan to ease back into things over the next few weeks before starting a more focused plan for Cactus Rose 100. I used a modified version of this plan last year to prep for Cajun Coyote 100. I bumped the high mileage weeks up a bit into the low 80s but was never able to breakout for a 100 mile week (not that the plan called for that but it is something that I've been trying to work into my training since I started this nonsense). I felt like the plan did a decent job of preparing me for CC 100 but I ended up DNFing due to an ankle injury that I picked up at a 50k.

I’ll probably stick pretty close to the mileage that the plan calls for but add in 2+ hours a week of stairs and try to eventual build up to like 4+ hours a week with a “long” stair session. I will probably also convert the Thursday miles to speedwork.

I don’t plan on doing any kind of structured training for El Scorcho and will just run whatever I feel like over the next few weeks and then start up with the 100 mile training. I will basically just do El Scorcho as a night long run and be happy with anything sub 5:30.

I’m going to hide this way down here at the bottom of this post so even less people than normal will see it: I do plan to get serious about dropping some more weight. I tipped the scales around 240 when I started barefoot running and then eventually ultra running. I am now right around 208. I was doing some reading on running and weight, BMI for runners, and then did some bio reviews and pulled the weight to height ratios of a number of runners. What I came up with was shocking, well, at least to me it was. I came up with a number of 170 lbs for my height! That would put me at 70 lbs less than when I started all of this. I didn’t consider myself fat by any stretch of the imagination but what other term can you use for your past state after you drop 70 lbs? I think I am going to set a goal of going into Cactus Rose at 180.

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