Tuesday, March 27, 2012


So yesterday was my birthday and there is probably no one who is less interested in their own birthday than I am. I arrived home from work a bit later than normal because I went into the office late, since I was still fighting off that stomach virus. When I opened the door I felt the distinct thud of someone hiding behind the door and I hear my daughter yell in her best soft whisper, “He is home! Everyone hide” and I hear her scurrying off across the house. I stand there with the door cracked for a few seconds to play along and give them ample time to hide. I then proceed into the house and out jumps my son and daughter yelling, “Surprise! Happy Birthday!” and I acted totally shocked and they were thrilled beyond belief at how they had tricked me. We then sit down to a fresh home cooked meal, thanks to my lovely wife, and everyone eats surprisingly good and then they bring out “monster” cupcakes and I give a big, “oh no! what are those!” and my daughter says, “Daddy, those are just cupcakes, not monsters.” And then we enjoyed our cupcakes and wrapped up a perfect little surprise party.