Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Whole Lotta Vagina

(Warning - The term vagina may be offensive to some audiences)

So, Vagina and its derivatives don't typically make their way into my conversational rotation. In fact, Vagina isn't something you hear a lot of in the local vernacular in these parts. However, today... at work I am walking about minding my own business when I hear an elderly gentleman saying, "and then I hear on the TV someone saying 'broad vagina' and I couldn't believe it, 'broad vagina'... how can they say that?" this is both shocking and disturbing but I continue on my way. Then later in the day I am getting into my car after escaping from downtown on the train and what do I hear on the radio.... "deep probing of the vagina" on the local talk radio station! The host quickly let the caller go and I am not sure how that comment came to be. I would say that this combo was a Black Swan event.

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