Wednesday, March 21, 2012

That's All There Is;

There isn't anymore. I went out for 3 quick miles yesterday, hit the gym today, and then a couple of miles this evening. That is how you taper? I tipped the scale at 208 today and that is up a few pounds since last week when I started a carbo bender, errr.... I mean, when I started my carbo loading early.

That gives me 451 miles and about 13 hours of stairs since January. I am not thrilled by those totals in any way but that does include tapering for Rocky Raccoon 50 mile and a week off afterwards, just to play it safe. I will take the miles and be happy with them, considering that I was coming out of December with an ankle injury that resulted in a DNF at Cajun Coyote and hadn't done much but pack on some pounds. Then I look back at last year and during the same time frame I managed just 256 miles, 3 hours of stairs, and about two weeks of wicked ITBS. I am also down 20 lbs from last year at this time.

Will the results be any different this year? I certainly feel like I am a smarter runner and have a much better handle on hydration and nutrition. I have some proper running shorts and I have been blogging more! However, my grammar is worse than ever and I continue to butcher it! But yo, I'm a scientist, not a journalist.

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