Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week Ending 3.11.12

Monday - 30 min Stairs

Tuesday - AM - 4 miles
PM - 17 miles Town Lake Trail - Austin, TX Luna Sandals - This was a really nice run but I ended up cutting it a few miles short due to a sandal malfunction. I broke a lace and then relaced but something was off just a tad and the lace started rubbing a raw spot on my toe pretty quickly. It was getting dark and it had been a long day, so I just headed back to the hotel and called it a day. Austin is one of my favorite cities and I will probably put up a post later this week with a little more detail about the running scene in Austin.

Wednesday - PM - 21 miles, NB MT110, Town Lake Trail - Austin, TX - Really loving the 110s, even though I'm a, you know, barefoot runner.

Thursday - AM - 12 miles, NB MT110, Town Lake Trail - Austin, TX - Couldn't get out of bed at 3 am to start this run and slept in a bit and just managed 12 miles before getting the day started. Was able to grab lunch with Austin barefooters Doom and Jim.

Friday - AM - 4 miles - Just staying loose.

Saturday - AM - 20 miles - Miserable run in a cold rain but I guess it qualifies as a PR for longest barefoot run in the rain.

Sunday - PM - 6 miles, NB MT101 (Yes, 101 and not 110 and I think I have gone over 1,000 miles in these) - Really nice run and was able to catch the last bit of the sunset, thanks to the time change.

Goal - 80 - 100 miles
Actual - 84 miles plus 30 minutes of stairs

16 miles short of 100 but maybe next time... Now it is time to taper. I'll have to do some reading on this because my tapers up to this point have basically consisted of no running and gorging my face. Oh, and I do hear the 4x4 at In-and-Out calling my name!

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