Monday, July 23, 2012

Week Ending 7.22.12

Monday - 0

Tuesday - Gym - Bench / Pullups / Bike

Wednesday - 45 min stairs - hamstring a bit tight

Thursday - 4 miles - hamstring still tight

Friday - 0

Saturday - 0

Sunday - 12 miles, Rowlett Creek Preserve, Luna Sandals - hamstring felt much better

Total - 16 miles and 45 min stairs

This ended up being an unplanned down week but I figure it is better to get the hamstring right than keep pushing it.  A few extra miles now won't make any difference come October but a lingering hamstring issue could really set me back.  The extra rest seemed to really help and everything felt good yesterday and I was able to get in a solid gym session today (deads, press, pullups) and then 45 min of stairs.

I've added the Capt'n Karl's Colorado Bend 60k to my schedule and will probably also be adding the Rough Creek 40 mile.  I will take both of these as glorified training runs with the main focus being to continue to refine everything for Cactus Rose 100. 

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