Monday, June 18, 2012

Week Endidng 6.17.12

Monday - AM - 30 min stairs, Lunch - Gym - Squat/Bench, PM - 4 miles

Tuesday - 5 miles - 1 mile warmup, 4x800, 1 mile cool down - This was a disaster from the start. I some how lost time b/w when my alarm went off and when I actually arrived at the track.  I was planning on doing 8x800@3:00 min but when I pulled up to the track I noticed that it was later than I thought and I didn't have time for that.  I also forgot my watch and wouldn't be able to pace myself.  So I just ran the 4 as fast as I could and nearly vomited all over myself on the last one. 

Wednesday - AM - 45 min stairs, PM - 4 miles - Rained out once again.  I was looking for 8 but hail and a tornado chased me back to the house! The tornado was on the other side of the lake near Leonard but that was still too close for comfort (I may have not seen the actual tornado but certainly saw what I thought was one and an EF-0 was confirmed by NOAA in the vicinity). 

Thursday - 45 min stairs

Friday - AM - 30 min stairs, PM - Gym - Press/Deadlift

Saturday - 20 miles Rowlett Creek Preserve

Sunday - 0 - Fathers day activities and a great time was had by all.

Target - 40 miles

Actual - 33 miles plus 2.5 hrs of stairs.

My perception is that this was a solid week.  However, I am still having a hard time of mentally combining timed workouts for stairs with runs measured in distance.  I should probably figure out a 100 mile training schedule based on time and go that route.  This coming week should be a lot of fun and I am aiming for 60 miles.  I will then try to keep the ball rolling with another solid week next week and then I would be due a down week and that will also be the week before El Scorcho 50k.  I can't seem to muster up any enthusiasm for ES and will just take it as a training run.  I will probably even try to do a double on that day to get a 40 miles day in.


  1. Don't think if ES as a run, think of it as a great, long party! And I can't believe you ran from a tornado.

    1. I didn't run from a tornado in the way that a super hero might. It was more that I was out running and I saw what I thought might be a tornado. I for sure saw a discrete supercell with a wall cloud, just can't confirm that I actually saw the tornado that was reported to have come from that storm. Also, I can't party too much at ES since I have like 70 mile drive back home after running all night....