Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 2 Update - Off in the Ditch

Well... you knew it was coming and here it is - 8 miles today. This is pretty hard to swallow b/c my legs felt great but I made a fatal decision by running a new trail today.  I ended up working today and that wasn't part of my plan and that kind of threw things off for the rest of the day.  I headed out to St. Paul, Texas on the shore of Lake Lavon (about 6 miles from my home base) to run the Trinity Trail but that trail head was over grown.  I figured it best not to run in waist high grass and weeds given that it is tick, snake, and spider season.  So I  headed up to Lucas, Tx to jump on the trail there and that was a much better access point.  The trail was really nice but it was about 90% exposed to the full sun of a nearly cloudless 100 degree day.  I made it 4 miles down trail and decided it was just too hot and turned for the return trip.  The heat and spiders! holy cow there were spider everywhere!! got the best of me and I called it a day upon returning to my car.

I would guess that I was pretty close to heat exhaustion by the time I reached my car.  I stood around for a few minutes drinking water and trying to pull it together but decided that staying alive was more important than logging 20ish miles in full sun and 100 degrees.  I've have since cooled down, mowed the lawn (glad that is out of the way) and had a nice steak and beer with some crazy good home grown tomatoes that the Money hooked me up with (not cash money but my buddy the Money)

The forecast is no better for tomorrow but I will be able to get out early.  I going to hit up the North Shore Trail and a lot of that is shaded.  That should allow me to run a good portion of the day and then I will be heading out to the Flying Saucer for beers with some friends.


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    1. It was, very awesome. Cooking is one hobby that I am actually good at. Does beer drinking count as a hobby?