Monday, January 7, 2013

Three Weeks Ending 1.06.13

Monday - AM - Gym - Bench, Squat; PM - Track - 1 mile warmup, 4X800 w/ 400 recovery, 1 mile cool down, MT110

Tuesday - 30 min stairs

Wednesday - 30 min stairs

Thursday - 6 miles, Luna sandals

Friday - 30 min stairs

Saturday - 10 miles, BF

Sunday - 10 miles, MT 101

Monday – Christmas Eve – Great time hanging out with family

Tuesday – Christmas Day – Same as before but with about 6” of snow thrown in

Wednesday – 8 miles, NB MT 101 – It was bitterly cold and a lot of this run was done in ankle deep snow

Thursday – Lifting – Finally made it back to the gym after about 10 days.  Bench / Press / Squat / Dead – obviously it wasn’t optimal to do all 4 lifts on the same day, but it was going to be another week or so before I could get back in the gym. 

Friday – 30 min stairs

Saturday – 10 miles, Luna sandals – did this as a tempo run

Sunday – 18 miles, MT 101 – pushed the pace a bit more than normal and it felt really good

Monday -  Gym - Bench, Squats - NYE

Tuesday - New Years Day - fun time tasting a lot of new beers and hanging out with friends and family

Wednesday - 30 min stairs

Thursday - Gym - Press, Dead

Friday - 8 miles, Luna sandals

Saturday - 22 miles, MT 110 - I was pretty sure on Friday that I was coming down with something and really felt it before this run but was able to grind this one out.  Then the rest of the day was spent in bed with full on Flu.

Sunday - Sick w/ Flu

A pretty relaxing stretch with not a whole lot of running.  The holidays are always a good excuse to relax and not run and the flu working its way through our family didn't help either.  Our daughter was the first to come down with it back before Christmas and it ever so slowly worked its way through all of us.  I thought that maybe I had escaped catching it but no such luck.  I'll spend the next couple of days trying to get well and then ease back into running.

I always try to drink local and had a few of these over the last 3 weeks:

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