Sunday, January 27, 2013

Flu Then Ending 1.27.13

Monday - 22 miles, NB 110 - I was still feeling some lingering flu weakness and this run kind of drug on until about 12 or 13 miles but then I was able to hammer out the last part of it.

Tuesday - 45 min stairs - Legs were pretty heavy after yesterdays run

Wednesday - 45 min stairs

Thursday - Off

Friday - Gym - Bench, Press, Squat, Dead - I don't like doing all four lifts on the same day but that is how my schedule worked out this week.  I was fading towards the end but still managed to pull my heaviest Dead to date.

Saturday - 10 miles (8 miles NB  101, 2 miles barefoot)

Sunday - 8 miles (6 miles NB 110, 2 miles barefoot)

Total - 40 miles and 1.5 hours of stairs

The flu really set me back and I only managed to eek out 10 miles total the week before this week.  I was glad to sneak in the 22 miler early in the week and then kind of just take it easy and confirm that I was 100% over the flu.  I'm looking at 5 more weeks until I start my taper for Grasslands and have a plan that I hope will work.  I've got some time built up at work and will be able to get away 3 or 4 times over the next month to do long runs.  I plan to do a long run of 24 miles this coming week, then 26 miles the next, then a down week, then 28 miles, and then close out things with a 30 miler.

Beer of this Post: Jester King Funk Metal - Barrel Aged Sour Stout

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