Sunday, December 16, 2012

Two Weeks Ending 12.16.12

There was a period of no running and some heavy lifting and then there was last Saturday.

Saturday - 10 miles, Luna Sandals - foot was a little tweaky and I called it a day at 10 miles

Sunday -  6 miles

Monday - 8 miles, NB MT 101, it was cold!

Tuesday - AM Gym - Bench / Squat, PM - 4 miles, NB MT 110

Wednesday - 30 min Stairs

Thursday - 0 - crazy day at work and then daughter was throwing up in the evening

Friday - AM Gym - Press / Dead, PM - 4 miles

Saturday - 14 miles, 10 miles Luna Sandals / 4 miles BF - This was a really nice run

Sunday - 0 - I woke up today and my left foot was bothering me just enough to not push things but not so much as to worry me.

Total - 46 miles and 30 min stairs

I've been easing back into things after taking nearly two weeks off to try and let my left foot right itself.  I'm pleased with the progress and will try to get in an actual speed workout in tomorrow after work.  I'm continuing to make progress with my lifting and have started to turn my sights to a 300 lb Dead.

The Beer of This Post - New Belgium Lips of Faith Biere de Garde

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