Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I've Been Off

I'm currently wrapping up my longest break from running in probably a year or more.  I decided to take a break when my left foot just refused to stop bothering me.  I tried running in shoes for a week but even that extreme measure wasn't enough.  I was really starting to worry that I had obtained a stress fracture at some point but things seem to be nearly 100% after a little over a week off.  I plan to get back to running tomorrow and jump right back into things.  I'll probably scratch Bandera 100k from my schedule and make Cowtown 50k my next race.

One benefit of not running was that I was able to get in 4 lifting sessions.  I am finally getting comfortable with deadlifts and am really starting to increase the weight that I am lifting.

Beer of the Post - Deep Ellum IPA

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