Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week Ending 9.23.12 - A Reset

Monday - AM - 30 min stairs, PM - Gym - Press, Bench, Squat, Dead

Tuesday - AM - 1 hour stairs, PM - 4 miles

Wednesday - AM - 6 miles, PM - 6 miles

Thursday - 1 hour stairs

Friday - Off

Saturday - Off

Sunday - 12 miles, NB 110, Rowlett Creek Preserve

Total - 28 miles plus 2.5 hours stairs

Car Parked in the Woods?

I did something to my left foot while fishing in Oklahoma but didn't think anything of it until it was still bothering me on Thursday.  I slipped in a creek, stepped awkwardly on a rock and ended up with deep bruise or something.  So I decided to take a couple of days off this week, given that there is no race looming.  Things felt fine on my run this afternoon but it was hot as hell and I am tired of running in the heat!


  1. We need to go on a noodling/running trip. Talk to Chase.

    1. Yeah, not going noodling (whatever that is) with two bald headed guys. Plus, I need to save up all my yardpasses to ensure that I can make it to try R2R2R - 42ish miles plus a little vert should be cake for us Texas runners!