Monday, September 3, 2012


I got attacked by a dog tonight and, needless to say, my run got cut short.  Luckily the dog managed to rip my shorts up pretty good but some how was able to avoid actually biting me.  The owner was holding a leash in his hand but for some reason the dog wasn't on it....

Anyway, that gives me a bit of extra time this evening to enjoy a nice brew


  1. Did you have any interaction with the owner (my _uestion mark and that letter don't work... kid spilled OJ) _uestion mark

    1. Yeah, the owner was apologetic but didn't have anything to say when I asked why the dog wasn't on the leash. I always stop and walk, if I see an unleashed dog. I saw the leash in the owners hand (it was dark) and just assumed the dog was on the leash. I kept on running and the dog darted from across the street and the owner says, "don't worry, he is harmless" right as the dog lunged at me. I jumped back thinking that the dog was just playing but I knew he was serious as he tried to tear my shorts off. When he came at me a second time, I struck him in the head pretty good and that prevented him from tearing into my crotch. At about that time the owner was able to get him under control.