Monday, May 26, 2014

Week Ending 5.26.14 - Cactus Rose Week #2

Monday - Stairs, pullups, pushups

Tuesday - AM - 4 miles, BF
                PM  - Deadlifts, pullups, pushups

Wednesday - Stairs

Thursday - Sairs, pullups, pushups

Friday - 4 miles, BF

Saturday - AM -  9 miles, NB MT1010, AM2 - 10k race, NB MT101

Sunday - Off

Total - 24 miles plus 2.25 hours Stairs

Essentially the same mileage as last week but the addition of 3 stair sessions and a lifting session really increased the stress on my bad ankle.  My ankle seems almost fully healed and I was totally stoked to get those stair sessions in.  The grinding vert up and down is essential to preparing the quads for Cactus Rose.  

No brewing updates this post or any cool running pictures... so here is a video:

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