Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Everybody is Blogging!

I haven’t been overly motivated to blog as of late and seeing as how not many of the bloggers that I follow were blogging, there seemed to be no urgency to blog. However, that has recently changed and pretty much everyone that I read is blogging again! BG broke off a BF marathon, Doom is in love with shoes... again
Runner with an Appetite set a new PR at the MCM, The Ale Runner has your pumpkin beer covered, and JScott is always blogging.

I have not really been doing anything note worthy but do have a 50k coming up. I’ve been pretty unmotivated since pulling out of Cactus Rose and have just kind of been cruising along clipping off 40-50 mile weeks. I did manage to recently get in one 27 mile run and some shorter runs in the 16 – 20 mile range. I’ve also been grinding out a couple of hours of stairs each week and hitting the gym for heavy lifting. However, I don’t really have a good feeling for where this has put me physically and I am not expecting a powerful performance at this upcoming 50k.

 I have been drinking some great beer, and always, try to drink local!

I love this version of Little Talks

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