Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Weekending 8.5.12

Monday - AM - 30 min stairs, Lunch - Gym - Bench / Squat / Pullups, PM - 4 miles

Tuesday - 27 miles North Shore Trail, MT110 - This was a nice run but it got hot very fast! I was looking for 32 miles but had to cut things short after I ran out of water and temps got above 100.  I miscalculated the splits for the last portion of the run and missed a water fountain that I needed for refilling.  Then the next water source was shut off!  I finally admitted defeat, doubled back and then cut the trail to get back to a water fountain.  I was done by that point and walked the last 1.5 miles back to my car.

Wednesday - 4 miles - Legs felt really good after yesterdays long run.

Thursday - 45 min stairs / Pullups

Friday - 30 min stairs / Gym - Press / Deads / Pullups

Saturday - 0 - Couldn't get out of bed and had a lot of family stuff going on.

Sunday - 6 miles, Luna Sandals - Quick run in 100+ heat

Total - 41 miles plus 1.75 hrs of stairs

I was glad to get in a legit long run finally and will get another long run in at the Colorado Bend 60k this coming weekend.  My legs really didn't seem to be fazed by the long run on Tuesday but maybe walking the last 1.5 miles while chugging water helped speed up the recovery.  I plan to get in at least one double North Shore run in September and that should be good for about 42ish miles.  I'll need to stash some water and gels at the northern end of the trail b/c the access to water is tricky and not reliable.  I could carry a pack but have really grown to hate having to keep up with extra stuff.


  1. Nice. Looks like we are both at about the same mileage. Time to step it up. I need to get back on the strength training tomorrow. This beer kind of says I won't.

    1. Yeah, but I've also got my time on the stairs! I would like to be higher and I hope to bump things up post Colorado Bend 60k.