Sunday, February 26, 2012

Week Ending 2.26.12

Monday - 10 miles

Tuesday - 30 min stair repeats

Wednesday - 8 miles

Thursday - 30 min stair repeats

Friday - 45 min stair repeats

Saturday - 0 -

Sunday - 12 miles

Goal - 50 miles
Actual - 30 miles and 1.75 hours stair repeats

Skipped the planned Saturday morning run of 20 miles b/c I was lazy and couldn't get out of bed at 4 am and then the rest of the day never really presented an opportunity to get out. I was probably due a rest day after 13 straight days of running (I count running up and down stairs as running but just don't give it a mileage figure) but it would have probably been wiser to take off on Friday. I am going to be looking for 75 miles this week as I continue the slow post Rocky Raccoon build up.

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