Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cactus Rose 100 - DNF

Add another DNF to the long list of DNF.  If nothing else, I have compiled a nice list of DNFs over the years.  I did grab a 50 mile finish and the associated medal, which my kids love.  My son asked me on Sunday, “Dad, how come you never win?” to which I replied, “Well, maybe someday, but look at this shinny new medal!” and he was super stoked to take it to show his sister and then run back to hang it up with the others.

The Cactus Rose course was better than advertised and I truly enjoyed running it and can’t wait to get back out there for another go at the 100.  While I didn’t finish the 100 this year, I feel like I learned a lot and will be better positioned to finish next year.  I had a great time this year but not getting any sleep the night before the race really pulled the plug on things early this year.  I feel like my training was adequate to get me through a good effort for 75 miles, so I will need to tweak the training some next summer.   

The changes that I will make for next year:

  • Have a crew – I can now see that an unsupported race is a unique challenge but if you are going for your best time then you need a crew to keep you moving in and out of aid stations.  You will pass through aid stations 19 times during the 100 and even a few extra minutes in each station adds up over the length of the race.

  • No Camping – I enjoy camping out but this year was such a disaster that it will be easier to just eliminate the chance of that happening again.  The lack of sleep the night before the race really sunk me this year.

  • Ride Share or Fly – The drive home is a bit of a beat down. 

Thanks to Doom for letting me share his tent, picking up supplies that I forgot, and convincing me to hit up Sonic with him after I dropped.

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