Monday, September 2, 2013

Training and Brewing Update

Training for Cactus Rose continues to roll along but certainly not at the volume that I had hoped for.  My legs were a little beat up after my week in Colorado and it has just been down right filthy hot here the past few weeks.  However, yesterday was my first off day after 20 straight days of running.  I rolled out of bed at 5:00 am on Saturday and by 7:00 am my legs were yelling, "no mas" and the streak was dead.  I took yesterday off and got in 8 miles today. 

Cactus Rose is 55 days away and that means about 41 days until it will be time to taper.  My goal will obviously be to get in some bigger runs but I will also try to run everyday until my taper. 

Homebrewing Update

I picked up at 15 gallon fermenter for $5! That was pretty rocking.  However, what would I do with 12 - 14 gallons of beer at a time? I decided to split the 1st batch with a friend and then turn the fermenter into a sour Perpetuum.  The 1st 14 gallons to go in were based on a Belgium Pale Ale with 2-row, wheat, unmalted wheat, acid malt and some oats.  I hopped it with mosaic and citra hops and then tossed in saison yeast and brett.  I'll pull 6 gallons to bottle in about a month and then top off the Perpetuum with another batch of the base ale.  I'll also toss in a starter built up from some Jester King Boxers Revenge dregs and then close it up for a good 6 months. 

I also bottled my sour wort saison and it was awesome!  It was down to 1.004 and smelled great with a nice mellow tartness.

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