Thursday, July 11, 2013

Injury + Vacation = Not Much Running

Nothing is better than injuring yourself right when you are getting into the swing of training...  at least it was a non-running injury.  I followed the injury up with a couple of weeks out of town for vacation and it seemed like it rained every time I tried to head out for a run.  That was probably for the best anyway, since my foot was taking much longer to heal than expected.  Anyway, my foot is still sore but has healed to the point that I am back to regular running.  I still feel confident in my training plan for Cactus Rose but can't afford any other extended periods of down time.

Beer of the Blog Post - Homebrew Saison

My brother and I brewed a lot in college but I left all the equipment with him when I moved away for work.  I've been thinking about getting back into brewing for years but have never pulled the trigger for one reason or another.  In true minimalist fashion, I kept things as simple as possible with my return to brewing.  I used a very simple grain bill of just two-row and oats and hopped it with sorachi ace hops.  I used a saison/brett yeast blend that I harvested from a bottle of Jester King El Cedro.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this 1st batch and look forward to some more brewing!

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